Ghosts & Fire

(voertaal: Engels – vandaar:)

‘The hand of the dead was heavy; it is heavy on the living even today.’ – Lafcadio Hearn, 1903.

Have you ever met a ghost? Has anyone around you? Just curious about other people’s ghost stories? What is a ghost anyway? Come share and listen on Thursday the 22nd of June. There will be a campfire, there will be beer and wine, bring your own marshmallows and soda (and since we’re around a fire anyway: your guitar or extra spooky musical saw ;)).

Roos van Rijswijk is the current writer in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academie. She’s writing about, and thus collecting, personal ghost stories. The first question people ask when told about this project is: ‘do you believe in ghosts?’ Her answer: ‘I believe in stories, the significance of stories and if you tell me you’ve met a ghost, I’ll believe you too.’

When: Thursday, June 22nd, from 10 PM till the stories run out.
Where: Mandril Cultural and Political Centre (garden)
Cabergerweg 45, Maastricht
Entrance: FREE*

But what if it’s raining? -> we’ll move inside!


The people of Mandril are kind enough to lend us their garden for free – a small donation is more than welcome. $$$ ALSO! If you want to buy beer or wine, provided by Mandril, bring some cash $$$



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