Roos van Rijswijk (Amsterdam, 1985) is an award winning writer of fiction, poetry, columns and essays. For Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad she reviews translated literature. She teaches creative writing at De Schrijversvakschool. She specializes in hosting live interviews and moderating literary events. She is one of the founders of the J.M.A. Biesheuvelprijs, a literary award for short story collections.

Books by Van Rijswijk:

  • Onheilig (Querido, 2016) – Novel about an extravagant mother and her estranged, sequestered son. In Dutch. English excerpt and brochure provided by the Dutch Literary Foundation available here. Award: Anton Wachterprijs (biannual award for best debut novel).
  • Calligram (De Ketelfactory, 2017) – Prose poetry accompanied by images by visual artist Niek Hendrix. English translation by Adinda Veltrop and Maria Maniaci included.
  • Wat ben ik meer dan stilte / What Am I Now But Silence (Van Eyck, 2018) – Poems and short stories from the viewpoint of ghosts. English translation by David McKay included. Illustrations by Sophie Schmidt.
  • De olifant van de bovenbuurman (Querido, 2018) – Short stories about everyone’s upstairs neighbor – they own an elephant. Illustrated by Sylvia Weve. In Dutch.
  • De dwaler (Querido, 2021) – Short story collection. Shortlisted BNG Bank Literatuurprijs 2022. Awarded the Charlotte Köhler Stipendium 2023.

All books are available for purchase. Onheilig, De dwaler and De olifant van de bovenbuurman through most Dutch bookstores and online platforms (also available as ebooks) or via publisher Uitgeverij Querido. If you are interested in (the English translation of) Calligram or What Am I Now But Silence, please contact me.